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Innovation on Wings - Creative Sight


Name of the project: Autonomous

Short description of the project: Creative Sight is a company that provides independent autonomous inspection solutions with drones. In our project we collaborate with Canon and multiple Danish shipping companies in developing a solution for doing autonomous inspections of among other things - ships.

Contact person:  Benjamin Mejnertz - telephone: +4561686021

Innovation on Wings - Dronesolutions Denmark


Name of the project: Autonomous inspection.

Contact person: Michael Smedegaard - telephone: +4522510530

Innovation on Wings - KiteX


Name of the project: KiteX

Short description of the project: KiteX develops a new type of windmill (drone windmill) for smaller industries located in "off-grid-areas", who want to reduce their energy costs. The windmill can be deployed almost anywhere because it does not require a high tower, a foundation or a big crane. Furthermore, the windmills wings are connected to the ground and controlled autonomously by drone technology.

Contact person: Andreas Okholm - telephone: 2217 4331

Innovation on Wings - Lorenz Technology

Website: Not available yet

Name of the project: Project Lorenz

Short description of the project: The control of drones and preparing for autonomous flight.

Contact person: Lars Lorenzen Jensen - telephone: +4523381615

Innovation on Wings - Makker


Name of the project: Makker - your race and precision buddy

Short description of the project: Makker is a product, which makes it more fun to operate your drone and makes you a better pilot.

Contact person: Mikkel Barker - telephone: +4529613490

Innovation on Wings - Mydefence Communication


Name of the project: Rapid Reaction Drone

Short description of the project: Finding adversaries by the use of a rapid reaction drone.

Contact person: Dan Hermansen - telephone: +4531611143

Innovation on wings company - Plan2Fly

Website: (work in progress)

Name of the project: Plan2Fly

Short description of the project: Plan2Fly provides commercial drone operators with a platform to plan missions, perform on location and process footage. To help drone operators deliver quality end-products on time, Plan2Fly facilitates client communication, expectations and approvals. Our pipeline ensures every mission is on track from start to finish.

Contact person: Ulrik Max Nielsen - telephone: +4550503130 or Tore Rex - Telephone: +4530295937

Innovation on wings company - QuadSat


Name of the project: QuadSAT

Short description of the project: QuadSAT is a young telecommunication company, that is developing a drone intended for testing, calibration and type approval of VSAT, a communication system providing high speed internet in industries such as marine, aerospace and military. The project is currently under the proof of concept stage and is actively searching for partners/knowledge in the UAV industry.

Contact person: Joakim Espeland - telephone: +4553574943

Innovation on Wings - Scandinavian Avionics


Name of the project: Drone & UAV-ID / Sense & Avoid System

Short description of the project: The UAV-ID system, which is under development by Scandinavian Avionics will work as an identification system capable of recognizing one or more UAV's. The system is made up of several transponders who generate an ID, a GPS location and the altitude of the UAV. Droneoperators will be able to use the system for monitoring their own or other UAV's in the vicinity. Other units will also be able to gain access to the information, and the system will in addition include a feature for uploading the information to the internet.

Contact person: Søren Erik Petersen, VP, Military Sales - telephone: +4530308034

Innovation on Wings - Scopito


Name of the project: Scopito

Short description of the project: Scopito is the leading software platform for effectively managing your inspection data. Scopito makes it simple to store, analyze and share images from complex inspections. Drone operators and utility companies around the world can sign up today and start adding value to their inspection images. We bring actionable insight to your inspection data. Our technology has been proven by more than 1,500 companies world wide and more than 1,000,000 images have been analyzed in Scopito.

Contact person: Ken Falk - telephone: +45 7199 2903

Innovation on Wings - Senseable


Name of the project: DropShip

Short description of the project: The Dropship is a sensor pack that collects and stores data, which can be used for quantification of climate changes, microplastic or gas concentrations, smart farming etc. A drone places the Dropship and the data, which gets harvested is collected by a drone as well. The dropship is built like a satellite with two radio's, batteries and solar panels and an ultra-low powered computer that treats and stores the data. The Dropship can be used for doing tests in places, which can be hard to reach by foot or car or in places that one does not want to disturbe the environment.

Contact person: Jesper Andersen - telephone: +4524671284

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