Shark Tank speaker and the Nordic region’s biggest construction company

NCC Drone Car


Startup- entrepreneurs seek knowledge about their potential markets. And on 19 January they will be updated on knowledge concerning potential needs of drone usage and technology development in the construction and engineering industry.

One of the speakers is Mikkel Nygaard Rønne from NCC. As part of the Nordic region’s biggest contractor, he will reveal what they’re looking for in drones and new technology.

Mikkel Nygaard Rønne will be representative of a unique insight into the strategies of the biggest contractor of the Nordic region when UAS Denmark, IBM and Sky-Watch are inviting entrepreneurs to participate to and inspirational innovation day on 19 January. Today, NCC’s 7 drone pilots busy themselves with a wide variety of tasks before, during and after their major builds.

Nygaard Rønne says: “We wish to add a to the panoplies of tasks conducted by our pilots”. Today their tasks comprise documentation of preexisting conditions prior to the construction and engineering projects and regularly updating relevant partners on the progress. At the same time, they make sure that nothing is left to chance for the various construction teams on site. Nothing is missed or left behind and the risk of construction errors are prevented.

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Drones for automatic documentation of buildings 

When asked how Mikkel Nygaard Rønne sees the future of NCC’s usage of drones, he opens up a catalogue of ideas. “Drones have great potential. And I see lots of issues, which could benefit our use of them, if properly handled” he says.

“What if drones could be set to automatically document the interiors or exteriors of buildings during the night. Or what if they could stay in the air for longer, could be downsized or autonomously be given the responsibility to survey the progress of the projects”.

These are but a few of the ideas, Nygaard Rønne has for the future of drones and he looks forward sharing his ideas and hearing about the ideas from the participants. “I look forward to revealing how NCC as the entrepreneur of the future takes advantage of the still growing digital and automated toolbox” he says and goes on. “NCC’s ambitions are sky high and driven by the ambition of constantly renewing the construction and engineering industry”.

Mikkel Nygaard Rønne's presentation 

Shark Tankspeaker Mikkel Nygaard Rønne

Mikkel Nygaard Rønne’s presentation will primarily revolve around the above mentioned issues but he will also give a glimpse into concrete examples of how NCC wishes to support the progress of the construction and engineering industry.

As virtual design and construction manager and engineer, Mikkel Nygaard Rønne has several years of experience within construction and engineering. He has the lead on information communications technology in NCC, and is participating in several projects aiming at setting standards for and rolling out digitalization and automation in the construction and engineering industry.