Terms & Conditions


Registration for Nordic UAS Event 2016 is binding and is purchased online via www.uasdenmark.dk which is organized, owned and operated by UAS Denmark during Hans Christian Andersen Airport S.M.B.A.

All ticket prices (visitor & exhibitor) do not include VAT.

All registrations are confirmed via e-mail.

Stand Location and arrangement:
After registration, we will contact you with more information and find a stand location for your company. We have already begun selling the stands, therefore the earlier you sign up - the better chance you have getting a good location in the exhibition hall.


UAS Denmark accepts payment by credit cards / VISA, VISA Electron,VPay, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB as well as American Express. The payment will drawn from your account upon registration.

UAS Denmark encrypts all information with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that unauthorized persons can not read your card number or other information during the transaction with NETS.


If the customer wishes to cancel his registration for the Nordic Event 2016, this must be made in writing to the Nordic Event info@uasdenmark.dk and can occur on the following terms:

If the cancellation happens six months before the exhibition - 75% of the stand rental will be refunded.

If the cancellation happens between 3 and 6 months prior to the exhibition, 50% of the stand rental will be refunded.

Is the cancellation is less than three months before the exhibition the stand will not be refunded.

Personal Information

UAS Denmark protects the information given in the registration on the website. Information will not be disclosed to third parties.


UAS Denmark pursues to avoid cancellations of events as well as works to see to that the events are held as planned and described at the point of sign up. Delivery is considered over when the event is completed.

Events may hold refreshments (breakfast, lunch and refreshments) if so this will be described for the single event at the point of sign up.


Members of UAS Denmark, UAS Sweden and UAS Norway get 15% discount on event stand bookings and tickets (final price as shown. The 15 % price is the actual Early bird price, but the 15 % off will continue for the mentioned groups until 1st of June). This discount is then given at event registration.

In situations of doubt and disagreement

In cases of doubt and disagreement about the terms & conditions UAS Denmark will as the vendor of the service see fit to determain the interpretation of the rules. UAS Denmark reserves the right to make changes to our terms and conditions at any time.

At essential changes made to the terms & conditions for payment, cancellations, delivery or personal information - the customer will be directly notified and get the opportunity to cancel the agreement at once.


UAS Denmark reserves the right to make price changes and accepts no liability for any printing errors.



At complaint towards missing content at events - compared to the event description - written complaints can be addressed to:

UAS Denmark
Lufthavnvej 151
5270 Odense N
Or via E-mail: info@uasdenmark.dk

Other questions:
E-mail: info@uasdenmark.dk
Telephone: +45 6595 5072