UAS Denmark - International Test Center & Cluster

UAS Denmark National Industry Network

At Hans Christian Andersen Airport located in Odense Denmark – you will find the International Test Center & Cluster for drones – UAS Denmark

UAS Denmark is a cooperation between Hans Christian Andersen Airport, Odense Municipality, Developing Fyn and the University of Southern Denmark. 

UAS Denmark is comprised by two equally important pillars: 

  • An international Test Center with BVLOS testing capabilities
  • And the Danish national industry cluster for drones with around 150 members.

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Our vision:

By combining the efforts of a vibrant testing environment with a strong UAS ecosystem in the international league we want to accelerate the drone innovation and use hereof – with the aim of creating Denmark’s fastest growing market within 5 years as well as bringing drones and people together as trusted friends. Part of our vision is that Denmark should aim to be a first mover country for enhancing people´s senses through groundbreaking drone technology – in favor of citizens and the society.

About the International Test Center:

As one of the only test centers in Europe we combine the unique elements of a BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) airspace ready to use over sea without interference from other aviation. We work closely with the authorities, universities and industry both nationally and internationally.


Contact Erling Hansen or Henning Mussegaard if you want to know more about the airspace or the approval process.

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Our 867 square kilometers of airspace with integrated BVLOS flight areas comprises urban and rural areas and a special offshore zone for BVLOS testing over the sea. The area can furthermore be used for VLOS-flights and testing of drones, sensors or other systems. The dedicated Verification Facility (photogrammetric test field) can be used for testing, documenting, calibrating and benchmarking precision and quality of data from UAS systems.

Future Drone Labs:
In the future the Test Center will be able to offer Drone Labs for software/hardware integration and manufacturing of composite materials. A 3D radar will also become available.

Business Park:
Entrepreneurs who wish to get closer to the drone cluster can rent office space, meeting rooms and hangar space when testing.

Want to go testing? Get in touch with UAS Denmark - click HERE

About the national industry cluster:

Within the cluster you will find around 150 members representing the whole value chain. From developers, large Danish and international corporations, the large Danish research institutions to professional private and public user organizations.

We promote growth and development through:

  • Sharing and taking part in projects
  • Knowledge sharing between research institutions, companies and private and public user organizations
  • B2B matchmaking
  • Working together with other clusters
  • Making relevant networking opportunities available by hosting theme-conferences
  • Marketing the Danish drone industry at international conferences
  • Sharing industry news and interesting projects

A member of UVS International

UAS Denmark is also a member of UVS International, a European non-profit organization that invites us as a member and our members to provide inputs for development of an overall European effort to promote the UAS industry. 

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A drone hub in the making:

The city of Odense is only 15 minutes away from the airport and here you will find a thriving business environment geared for innovation, and an already settled robotics industry with more than 100 companies. Thanks to strong public/private partnerships, University of Southern Denmark and Danish Technological Institute, the city is the centre for start-ups and technological knowledge - Read more about joining the StartUp community

Whether you a looking to do testing in shorter or longer periods we can offer great facilities. At the airport, you have easy access to the entire network and the possibility to rent offices and workshops for testing, calibration and innovation.

Located at the airport you will also find one of the five Danish drone pilot education centers in Denmark, facilitated by the company Integra Aviation Academy, which is CAA approved and prepared for international standards.

All companies located at the Business Park:


The progress of the Danish Industry

The creation of "The Danish Droneforum"

The creation of the "Danish Droneforum", in which UAS Denmark acted as a catalyst for the Danish Public Transport Authority, is something we are proud of. The Danish Droneforum is a platform where the whole of the danish industry can meet and discuss potential challenges as well as opportunities.

Rapid growth in UAS operators

At the establishment of UAS Denmark (november of 2012) The Danish Public Transport Authority had only approved 15 UAS operators, today that number is approaching 250. Further many of the newest members of UAS Denmark are businesses providing operator services such as the inspection of buildings, media projects as well as the use of photogrammetric services used for surveys and creating 3D models of buildings and terrains.

Support from The Danish Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund Denmark has per December 2015 included 16 millions for UAS projects, in which most of the companies participating are members of UAS Denmark (DTU Space, Aalborg University, Sky-Watch, Reseiwe). The projects include a developing a maritime drone as well as producing a drone that will fly indoor.

Funding from the Danish Research Reserve

Our work in securing better framework conditions for the Industry also includes the work to allocate more funds for research and projects, which is why we were very pleased when a funding of 10 million DKK was secured from The Danish Research Reserve in 2015.

The launch of a national strategy for drones

In September of 2016 the Danish Government launched the first ever national strategy for drones, a strategy which UAS Denmark proposed in our road map 2015 – 2017. The strategy is an important step in securing that Denmark is at the forefront of the drone industry. Denmark was furthermore one of the first European countries to implement a drone strategy.


Fast facts

We focus on

  • Making approvals for test flights easy
  • Fulfilling the national drone strategy
  • Backing innovative start-ups
  • Allocating more funds for projects

Advantages of becoming a member

  • Great network possibilities
  • Exclusive invitations to events
  • Newsletter once a month
  • Membership of LinkedIn group
  • Annual conferences and workshops
  • Discounts on conferences & workshops
  • Close contact to testing facilities



Michael Larsen
Director, Commercial