UAS Denmark - National Industry Network

Hans Christian Andersen Airport has established a network for all visionary stakeholders within the UAS business – UAS Denmark. UAS Denmark has over 110 members – both national and international. The membership list is very diverse and fully represents the whole UAS value chain. From developers, large Danish and international corporations, the large Danish research institutions to professional private and public user organizations.

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Activate your influence

In 2013 it was decided to give 15 million Danish kroner to a technological survey, where civil UAV is explicit mentioned. In addition to this the government gave 36 million Danish kroner to technological production systems, including civil UAV. This put UAV's on the Danish political map.

One of our main tasks includes working to improve framework conditions for the danish UAS business. We do this by maintaining a continuous contact with the relevant authorities primarely by engaging in a ongoing dialogue with the Danish Public Transport Authority.

Furthering and improving the framework conditions also requires politicial goodwill, which is why UAS Denmark believes that getting the support of our ellected politicians is crucial in ensuring growth for our members and the industry as a whole.

A member of UVS International

UAS Denmark is also a member of UVS International, a European non-profit organization that invites us as a member and our members to provide inputs for development of an overall European effort to promote the UAS industry. 

UAS Denmark National Industry Network

The progress of the Danish Industry

The creation of "The Danish Droneforum"

The creation of the "Danish Droneforum", in which UAS Denmark acted as a catalyst for the Danish Public Transport Authority, is something we are proud of. The Danish Droneforum is a platform where the whole of the danish industry can meet and discuss potential challenges as well as opportunities.

Rapid growth in UAS operators

At the establishment of UAS Denmark (november of 2012) The Danish Public Transport Authority had only approved 15 UAS operators, today that number is approaching 250. Further many of the newest members of UAS Denmark are businesses providing operator services such as the inspection of buildings, media projects as well as the use of photogrammetric services used for surveys and creating 3D models of buildings and terrains.

Support from The Danish Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund Denmark has per December 2015 included 16 millions for UAS projects, in which most of the companies participating are members of UAS Denmark (DTU Space, Aalborg University, Sky-Watch, Reseiwe). The projects include a developing a maritime drone as well as producing a drone that will fly indoor.

Funding from the Danish Research Reserve

Our work in securing better framework conditions for the Industry also includes the work to allocate more funds for research and projects, which is why we were very pleased when a funding of 10 million DKK was secured from The Danish Research Reserve in 2015.

Fast facts

We focus on

  • Improving conditions for flight
  • Creating a national strategy
  • Allocating more funds for research
  • Allocating more funds for projects

Get ahead in the Nordic market

TUS Nordics 2017

In 2016 UAS Denmark hosted NUE16 in Odense and in 2017 we will be returning as TUS Nordics

Advantages of becoming a member

  • Great network possibilities
  • Exclusive invitations to events
  • Newsletter once a month
  • Membership of LinkedIn group
  • Annual conferences and workshops
  • Discounts on conferences & workshops
  • Close contact to UAS Test Center DK



Michael Larsen
Head of UAS